Our Technique
Proven formula from research, experience and client feedback

Our fantastic track record is a result of our technique that brings together years of research, experience and client feedback. All our teachers are trained to follow this model and we pride ourselves on it. We know that when it comes to your children, you want nothing but the best and at every stage of their journey with us, we ensure they are getting the best support that can help give your child that extra edge in this fiercely competitive world.

Our support helps your child get an extra edge in this fiercely competitive world.

our technique involves:

  • Clarity of goals
  • Identify the students true capacity
  • Structured lesson plans
  • Understanding of how concepts can be applied
  • Engagement
  • Set clear targets
  • Inspire
  • Fun and Humorous Lessons
  • Structured Feedback
  • Self Analysis

Our strategy



We identify the exact needs and circumstances of the family. Each student is unique and so we set out a targeted plan that works with your child. We pick out the academic and non-academic strengths and weaknesses and establish the student’s best learning style by understanding their habits and preferences. Only then do we produce a bespoke teaching plan clearly highlighting which areas need to be addressed and how, synchronising it with the school curriculum where required.



We hand pick a tutor that we feel has the character and acumen to match your child’s needs and interests. We take a great deal of care to ensure we have matched the right tutor to the right student. We want the lessons to be enjoyable so we pick someone who your child will hopefully find fun too.



Along with the teaching plan, we use various resources to target weaknesses and develop strengths. We develop not just the child academic prospects, but encourage independent and inquisitive thinking beyond the classroom.



We strongly believe in transparency. We liaise with the tutor continuously to monitor progress and ensure they continue to teach inspiring and stimulating lessons. And we want you to see that so we ensure you are kept in the loop with what is happening at all times.



We want to see results in the classroom and inspire confidence and passion. We want the parents to part of our journey with the child, and so throughout the journey you will be assigned a personal education consultant who will be dedicated to providing guidance and updating you on your child’s progress.

We believe our technique is the most effective way to achieve academic performance, unlock confidence and motivate them to success far beyond the exam room. It works because it:

Highlights where the learner is, and what success looks like for them. The learner needs to understand exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are.

The tutor understands the learner’s mind. A reason why everyone love video games is because the goal is clear and the next level is attainable.

One of the reasons a child is scared of studying is because they do not want to make mistakes; get rid of that fear and we have unlocked so much potential.

Many students get left behind in the classroom because they are taught one method. No one method fits all. Our teaching plans target multiple routes to solving problems.