At The London Education Company we have a dedicated team that works with Oil and Gas companies providing them with the basis for their entry level employees. Our expert teachers offer a holistic range of subjects for Oil and Gas professionals to verse them with the basics before they enter the workplace. Our Oil and Gas syllabus is very thorough and has been used by the likes of Heriot-Watt University to aid their postgraduate courses and it is for this reason we are very confident about our tutors and the content they deliver. A few of the subjects are highlighted below but if you are after another branch, give The London Education Company a call and we can ensure you have the right tutors to help your studies.

Reservoir Engineering

Students will gain an understanding of the rock and fluid properties of a hydrocarbon reservoir. They will also learn to describe the nature of the fluid flow and pressure distribution in a reservoir as well as develop an understanding of the effects of production/ injection on recovery of reserves.

Petroleum Geoscience

Concerns the origin, structure and internal geometry of reservoirs as well as the creation, migration and entrapment of hydrocarbons. Geological models form the basis for reserve estimation and development planning.

Drilling Engineering

Involves a range of engineering disciplines in the design and safe construction of exploration and development wells. These wells are required either to gather information from or to drain oil and gas reservoirs.

Formation Evaluation

Students will gain an understanding of the concept of formation evaluation and well logging as well as the physical principles of the tools used in logging. They will also learn to characterise the formation based on interpretation of well logs.

Reservoir Simulation

Students will develop an understanding of the role of simulation in reservoir engineering. This provides students with an insight into the value of simulation and the appropriate numerical techniques to enhance hydrocarbon recovery.

Petroleum Economics

This subject provides an understanding of the economic concepts involved in project evaluation as well as the value of investments. Students will also learn to evaluate risks associated with economic decisions.

Production Technology

Concerns the productivity of oil and gas wells. It includes the design, installation and operation of down-hole and surface systems, to optimise the controlled recovery of pipeline quality crude oil and gas. Safety and the ability to respond to changing situations are important considerations.

Well test analysis

This subject provides an understanding of the fundamentals of well testing to derive reservoir properties and its integration with geology. The first five chapters discusses the classical well test theory (i.e. pressure versus time) whereas the next three chapters presents the principles and applications of distributed surveys (i.e. pressure versus depth) for improved reservoir description.